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Patients & Families

An overview of the pages on our website that Patients & Families will find useful and of interest. Click on any blue link to go to that page.

Your Care

Important information about how we make getting care at NMCC as easy as possible. This is the first stop for new patients and their families.

  • New Patients – Answers to questions that new patients are likely to have, including how everything works at New Mexico Cancer Center.
  • Appointments & Hours – How we have made appointments easy and convenient:
    • How to call us and get an appointment very quickly
    • Our switchboard numbers and hours
    • Making your first phone call to NMCC
    • Our office hours
    • Infusion center hours
    • Pharmacy hours
    • Same day and after hours care for urgent problems
    • What happens when you first arrive
    • Your next visit
  • Insurance Plans – A list of all of the insurance plans accepted by NMCC, and how to get more information.
  • Referrals – Why you should ask your primary care physician to refer you to NMCC for care of cancer, blood disorders, rheumatology problems, or intravenous infusions.
  • Second Opinions – Getting a second opinion:
    • If you are receiving oncology care elsewhere and wish to get another opinion at NMCC
    • If you are a NMCC and you would like to arrange a second opinion with another physician
  • Clinical Trials & Research – What NMCC's involvement in clinical trials means to our patients:
    • Understanding cancer research and how studies are designed
    • How to evaluate results of clinical trials
    • Understanding the format of clinical research publications
  • Patient Portal: "CareSpace" –This link goes to the NMCC page that provides information about CareSpace Patient Portal. (Please note that "SeeYourChart" no longer exists, and has been changed to "CareSpace".)
  • Your Privacy – NMCC's Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Your Rights & Responsibilities
  • Pay Your Bill Online

Our Services

Support and Help

For patients and families, how and where to get support and help that meets your individual needs.

  • Financial Counseling – Meeting your individual financial needs:
    • Financial help for eligible patients, including from the NMCC Foundation
    • Help with filing for State Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid or Medicare
    • Dealing with confusing billing and insurance questions
    • Answering frequently asked questions, such as:
      • How much will my medical services cost?
      • Will my insurance be billed?
      • What are my responsibilities?
      • What are my payment options?
  • New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation – Our new NMCC Foundation website, and the new online Gallery With a Cause.
  • Cancer Support Services – Services offered at New Mexico Cancer Center and in the community to support patients with cancer, including website links and phone numbers.
  • Social Services – Coming soon.
  • Patient Navigator – expert help from the Patient Navigator at NMCC, dealing with all of the challenges associated with coping with cancer, providing personal assistance, referrals to outside resources, and whatever is necessary.
  • Native American Resources – Recommended information and links to health care and cancer resources that may be especially helpful for Native Americans.
  • Website Help – Help with understanding how to use this website, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and answers.

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