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Our Mission, Vision & Values


We are a team that is passionate about healing. We deliver the kindness you want and the excellence you expect, with the dignity you deserve. Together, we are New Mexico Cancer Center.


Your strongest ally to conquer cancer.


Independence: We will remain an independent, comprehensive cancer center in order to create treatment models that are always focused on what is best for patients.

Innovation: We will always look at “what can be” instead of “what is” in order to remain an innovator in the state and the nation for patient-centered care.

Teamwork: We will always work together to provide care and comfort in a respectful and meaningful way. We value the contributions of all and blend the skills and ideas of individuals to strengthen the way we care for patients.

Kindness: We will treat patients, their families, colleagues and everyone in our community kindly and inspire hope.

Excellence: We will deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through a dedicated effort of every team member, and we will be accountable to each other in all that we do.

Dignity: We will show respect for the dignity of every individual, whether they are a patient or a colleague.

Compassion: We will always treat patients and their families with empathy and respect their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Stewardship: We will remain committed to being good stewards of our community by caring for underserved populations, participating in planning that expands care for all populations and investing in the communities we serve.

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer


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