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Welcome to the New Mexico
Cancer Center Foundation!

What Does Your Donation Mean to Patients?


Because of COVID-19 and the challenges in accessing so many vital resources, many of our patients are really hurting these days. Please consider a generous donation. We've made it very easy. Thanks!

What your generosity has done:

  • You helped with their non-medical needs while being treated.
  • You kept patients in their homes by paying for overdue rent.
  • You provided countless numbers of meals so patients and their families did not have to go to bed hungry.
  • You kept the lights on by paying for electricity bills.
  • You provided hotel rooms for patients traveling for treatment.
  • You kept the water running for patients for months at a time.
  • You paid months of care payments to help with transportation.
  • You filled untold numbers of tanks of gas to help patients drive to their appointments.
  • You provided taxi rides to ensure patients could get their care.
  • You paid for months of phone service so patients could communicate with their doctors.

Thank You!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
single out the NMCC Foundation as a national model,
and quote Dr. Barbara McAneny

Developing a Foundation

"Some practices take the approach of developing a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to directly support patients with costs and other social needs. While building a network of collaboration between community and healthcare providers is an important strategy, creating a foundation can help to fill the gaps left by these services, particularly in areas with few existing community and hospital based resources.

"New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants (NMOHC) created the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation 17 years ago to help patients with the non-medical costs of having cancer. Since 2002, the foundation has distributed over $1 million by paying patients' bills – including rent, groceries, utilities, gas and anything else they might need. In order to ensure money spent has the maximum impact, the NMCC Foundation considers itself a last resort, and requires patients to provide copies of bills and a one-page financial summary. NMOHC CEO Dr. Barbara McAneny considers having a community board leading the foundation to be one of the key elements of its success and ability to survive for nearly two decades."


Corona Virus (COVID19) – Information for NMCC Patients

Note: For the health and safety of everyone, all events for now remain canceled except for re-opening of Gallery With A Cause ARTScrawl. Details here.

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