Patient Portal

IMPORTANT:  The old patient portal, called Navigating Care, is no longer in use. NMCC has changed to See Your Chart.

You have the choice of staying right here, and viewing See Your Chart from this web page, or if you prefer, you can go to the See Your Chart website in a separate tab or window, so you can easily return here. You will see exactly the same information either way.

This page is set up to display See Your Chart directly from this web page if you are using a computer or a tablet in landscape mode. Because you are using a smaller device to connect at the moment, here is the link to the See Your Chart website. It will open in a separate tab or window, so  you can easily return here. The exact same information is shown whether you view it from this page or the external website.

Please remember that your oncologist is the very best person with whom to discuss the results you find on See Your Chart, and to answer any questions or concerns.

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