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Medical Oncology

Medical oncology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis, management and treatment of cancer.

Medical Oncologists educate patients about their illness, and together with the patient, decide on the best treatment. Your medical oncologist will explain the appropriate chemotherapy drugs and dosages that will best fight the disease, and discuss the benefits, risks and side effects. Medical oncologists also work with NMCC radiation oncologists to coordinate the use of radiation therapy as an additional tool in treating the cancer.

Chemotherapy Infusion

Chemotherapy refers to the use of medication that has the ability to kill or reduce the growth of cancer cells. We have devoted an entire page to a detailed description of chemotherapy at New Mexico Cancer Center, along with a booklet on chemotherapy from the National Cancer Institute. Read more...

Hematology Services

New Mexico Cancer Center also treats benign and malignant diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues. Bone marrow services are available; bone marrow biopsies are done in the office. The Cancer Center is a recognized site for the National Marrow Donor Program. Read more...

Specialized Care for Prostate Cancer

New! New Mexico Cancer Center is NOW ENROLLING for The SPLASH Trial, that offers treatment options for men with prostate cancer that have progressed after hormone therapy. To learn more, or to refer patients, click Splash Study, or email Research at New Mexico Cancer Center.

• New Mexico Cancer Center is the first facility in the state to treat advanced prostate cancer patients with PROVENGE, which is designed to stimulate a patient’s immune system to identify and target prostate cancer cells. PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T) is the first in a new therapeutic class known as autologous cellular immunotherapies, and each dose is manufactured specifically for the individual patient using his own immune cells. Read more...

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer


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