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Corona Virus (COVID-19)
Information for Our Patients

If you have fever, cough or shortness of breath or you have been exposed to someone with Coronavirus,please call the NM Deptartment of Health Coronavirus Hotline at (855) 600-3453 to arrange a test, and then call NMOHC (505) 842-8171.

We now have a new telemedicine program for our patients to help you stay home while getting care. All you need is a smart phone or computer with email. We will give you more information when you call us.

For the health and safety of patients and staff, we regret that we are presently unable to offer our gift closet and support programs.

Please continue to check this site for updated information about our new telemedicine program, and when we will be able to re-open our gift closet and support programs.

Thanks you for your understanding. Stay well, and call us for any questions.

Health Care Challenges During a Pandemic

Cancer doesn't wait for the coronavirus

Images below are in alphabetical order by last name.
Hover over any image for that person's name; click on a name to go to that person's individual page.

Images below are in alphabetical order by last name. Lightly touch any image for that person's name to appear; click on a name to go to that person's individual page.

New Mexico Cancer Center is pleased to announce our association with a prominent, national clinical trials center.

Please ask your oncologist for more information. Read more about clinical trials & research.


Superficial radiation therapy treats skin cancer and removes keloid scars without the side effects of invasive treatments.

Learn More

New Mexico Cancer Center Physician & CEO

Barbara L. McAneny


June 23, 2017 - Chicago



of the

American Medical Association

Albuquerque Journal Article

AMA Press Release

Albuquerque The Magazine again asked Albuquerque-area doctors:
“If you had to refer a loved one to a doctor, whom would you choose?”
We are thrilled that our peers chose two of NMCC's finest!

Read More

Read More

...Barbara McAneny, chief executive of the New Mexico Cancer Center, said, “We need as many doctors’ thinking about what they can do better for their patients as they possibly can…

The transformation… began with an award from the Innovation Center… the Community Oncology Medical Home, or COME HOME, model. Six other practices joined the study...

We treat a lot of poor people,” McAneny said… hospitalizations dropped by more than half… The Innovation Center built on McAneny’s idea to create the Oncology Care Model...

January 4, 2017

Read the NYT article
Learn More About
New York Times talks about –

New Mexico Cancer Center...
Oncology Care Model...

Barbara L. McAneny MD – CEO

The focus is to provide more coordinated care ...
improve patients' access to physicians...
cut out unnecessary services...

Keeping patients in their own homes while they undergo care is one of the main gains, helping them physically and psychologically, improving their overall care.
Blues Select New Mexico Cancer Center for Oncology Medical Home Pilot

Read The Article

NMCC Medical Office Building

New Exhibit: The Architecture of Beauty –
Works by Prominent New Mexico Artists

August 24, 2020 - November 20, 2020

Visit the Gallery With A Cause website
View all the art in the current exhibit
Detailed information about the art and the artists

Virtual Walk & Talk
with Gallery Director Regina Held

Contemporary art, techniques & the stories behind the artwork

Videos are posted on
Gallery With A Cause facebook page

Important Announcement -
Art in the time of Coronavirus

To protect patients, doctors, staff, visitors and artists, and in accordance with nationwide recommendations, we have suspended all gallery related events, including the Open Houses and the evening "Walk and Talka", and we have suspended arrangements for personal tours during business hours. We are in the process of developing a "Video Walk and Talk" that anyone can watch at their convenience, and we hope to have that available for the next exhibit.

If you are interested in possibly purchasing one or more of the items exhibited here on the Gallery With A Cause, please don't hesitate to call (505) 803-3345 to speak with Gallery Director Regina Held about arranging to see those items in a setting that is safe from possible virus exposure or contamination.

We very much regret having to take these measures, but there is no question that this must be done to protect the health of everyone. Thank you for your understanding, and your support of the Gallery With A Cause.

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer

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