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About Gallery With A Cause

When the New Mexico Cancer Center was initially constructed in 2001, one of the primary design goals was to surround patients and staff with beauty and light. So, the center was constructed as a living art gallery as well as a medical facility, filled with stunning, high-quality art, many created by local artists, with new exhibits every three months. We are extremely fortunate to have Regina Held, a greatly respected and very knowledgeable member of the New Mexico art community, as our gallery director.

The art also is an integral part of the philanthropic efforts of the NM Cancer Center Foundation, dedicated to supporting patients coping with the non-medical costs of having cancer and other life-disrupting illnesses. In addition to financial assistance, part of our mission is to make the experience of being treated at the NM Cancer Center as supportive and warm as possible.

Here at our online Gallery With A Cause you can view all of the pieces currently on display at NMCC Albuquerque, and learn a lot more about the art and the artists. Several pieces from the current exhibit are shown on the right (click any one to view all of that artist's pieces in this exhibit, including details about each piece). All of the artwork is for sale. You will be pleased to know that 40 percent of the proceeds of all art sales is a tax-deductible contribution to the NMCC Foundation, an important part of the grants given to NMCC patients to help them with their living expenses during their treatment.

If you are an artist and would like to submit art to the Gallery With A Cause, you can easily submit your information online, or directly contact our Gallery Director, Regina Held, , or call or text (505) 803-3345.

A few pieces in our 2023 Movers & Shakers, Artists who Teach, Lead and Inspire. Click any one to visit the artist's page.

Hibiscus Beauty
Holy Cow
Santa Fe Arroyo
And a Side of Leaves
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