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Your Best Choice for a Second Opinion

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Second Opinion

Feel Confident In Your Cancer Treatment With A Second Opinion

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life changing. If you or someone you love is facing cancer, you want the most-targeted treatment options available delivered by a team of experts. By seeking a second opinion at NMCC, you may discover additional treatment options for your type and stage of cancer. Or it may just give you peace of mind that your current treatment plan is the right approach. Regardless of the outcome, a second opinion will help you make a more-informed decision about your care going forward.

Our team is available to help you through the many decisions and emotions that can accompany a cancer diagnosis. NMCC is the state’s best cancer treatment facility, and we offer everything you need – including Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, on-site imaging and more. We will work together to develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and help you stay happier, healthier and spend more time at home. Our unique model of treatment can also save you money on co-pays and out-of-pocket costs.

Your Care Comes First

You might feel that seeking a second opinion could offend the doctor who made your diagnosis. However, your doctor will understand that with something as significant as cancer, it is absolutely acceptable for anyone to seek another opinion before making decisions and starting treatment.

Being open and honest is a critical part of the doctor/patient relationship, so you should keep your doctor(s) aware of your decision to seek a second opinion. Any doctor who is offended by your decision to get another opinion may not be someone you want caring for you because at the end of the day, our goal is to see patients get better – regardless of where they seek care.

The same holds true if your initial consultation was with a cancer specialist at New Mexico Cancer Center. If you wish to obtain a second opinion elsewhere, we not only understand, but if you wish, we will help to arrange that for you.

Learn more about getting a second opinion at New Mexico Cancer Center by calling us:

Should you choose to set up an appointment, we will work with you to obtain a copy of your medical records. We will also help determine whether or not your insurance will pay for the appointment.

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer


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