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Minimally Invasive & Gastroenterology (GI) Surgery

We are very proud to announce that Minimally Invasive & Gastroenterology Surgery is now available at New Mexico Cancer Center, with Lisa Balduf MD. (Read more about Dr. Balduf MD).

Dr. Balduf is now scheduling patients for surgical procedures focusing on inguinal hernia, gallstones/gallbladder and GERD. Talk with your primary care or referring physician about:

• Abdominal wall surgery: Laparoscopic ("lab") or open umbilical, inguinal and ventral hernia repair

• Gallbladder surgery: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

• Esophagus/Stomach surgery: Laparoscopic fundoplications (Nissen, Toupet, Dor) and Laparoscopic paraesophageal hernia repair

• Small bowel surgery: Laparoscopic or open small bowel resection and strictureplasty

• Colon and rectum surgery: Laparoscopic or open partial colectomy; Lap/open colostomy closure; Incision and drainage

• Appendix surgery: Laparoscopic appendectomy or colectomy

• Spleen surgery: Laparoscopic/open splenectomy

• Lymph nodes surgery: Excisional lymph node biopsy

• Skin and subcutaneous tissue surgery: Lipoma/mass removal; Excision of skin cancers on the body

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