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Local Cancer Support Resources

Due to the Coronavirus, for the health and safety of patients and staff, we regret that we are presently unable to offer our gift closet and support programs. See the front page for updates and more information. 

Cancer care is much more than just your treatment. At New Mexico Cancer Center, we offer you individualized cancer support services, from diagnosis all the way through survivorship. Our team of professional Cancer Support Advocates will work with you to identify and overcome challenges and potential barriers to coping with cancer, and receiving the best treatment possible. They will answer your questions about support of all kinds – financial, emotional, counseling, educational, and family. There are additional community resources available that your Cancer Support Advocate may suggest, according to your individual situation.

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Cancer Support Advocates at NMCC

  • Financial Counselors: One of our most important priorities is to help ease our patients’ financial burdens. We offer support in a variety of ways based on each patient’s unique needs. Whether you have just received a diagnosis or are already undergoing treatment, our financial counselors may be able to find a way to cover out-of-pocket costs. Read more...
  • Patient Navigator: Our Patient Navigator works with patients, families, physicians and the health care system to assist you with all of your supportive cancer care. Read more...

New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation - website

Our New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation is dedicated to supporting New Mexico Cancer Center patients’ non-medical financial needs during their battle against cancer. We have assistance and education programs to meet the financial, emotional and psychological needs of our patients. The NMCCF is an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education programs for health care providers to raise awareness and early diagnosis to improve health outcomes for all New Mexicans. Assistance is given to eligible patients receiving care at any of NM Cancer Center sites, for non-medical expenses such as rent, mortgage, child care, gas, utilities, and transportation. Payments are made directly to a third party.


New Mexico Cancer Center CLIMB Support Group

The Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery (CLIMB®) program at the New Mexico Cancer Center is a special support group developed by The Children’s Treehouse Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the emotional support of teens and children who have parents or guardians with cancer, recently featured on the KUNM Children's Hour.

Specially trained facilitators provide this support group that meets Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 pm for 6 weeks. At the start of each session a shared meal is provided by local restaraunts for the familes. Through art projects and discussion, the structured program helps normalize feelings teens and children may have about their cancer experience and helps nurture postitive communication between the parent or guardian with cancer, and their child.

If you click the title above, it will open a PDF flyer that you can download or print. To register for CLIMB®, call   505-857-8460, or download, fill out and follow the instructions in this Registration Form.

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer


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