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New Patient Referrals

For Physicians

Physician to Physician Direct Referral:  (505) 828-3796Fax: (505) 796-3081

We fully appreciate the frustrations that often accompany referrals to specialists. We will always make your referrals as easy and direct as possible. There is never a problem speaking directly with one of our physicians. We will do whatever is necessary to get your patient into our clinic for a first visit in the soonest possible time. Our goal is for new patients to be seen as soon as possible, but no later than three business days.

We will always provide immediate feedback after our initial consultation, and will keep you informed every step of the way. We want to work closely with you and keep you involved in your patient's care.

The section below for patients lists a number of reasons why we believe we are the best choice in New Mexico when referring a patient for oncology care. We have an entire page devoted to our Oncology Medical Home model, and if you'd like to know more or have any questions, we would be delighted to talk with you.

Thank you very much for considering New Mexico Cancer Center.

For Patients, Families & Physician Offices

New Patient Direct Appointment Line and Office Staff Referral Line:

(505) 828-3796

(If you are an existing NMCC patient and want to make an appointment, the information you need is on our Your Visit - Appointments page.)

We understand that you may be facing an illness that can be frightening.

You deserve to be seen for your first visit without delay. Our goal is for new patients to be seen as soon as possible.

Some insurance companies will not allow us to schedule you until they have authorized the visit. Our New Patient Coordinators are trained to help you with this.

You deserve a health care team that is absolutely dedicated to putting your needs first, and to providing the very finest, up to date, compassionate care available anywhere. A team who holds as one of their highest priorities, doing whatever is needed to keep you healthy and at home, out of the hospital.

You deserve to be reassured that we are an independent practice, free from the conflicts of interest that are often present in hospital systems that do best when their beds are filled and extra services are given.

You deserve to be treated by physicians that collaborate with leading practices around the country, adhering to the latest and best scientifically validated treatment pathways and clinical trials, staying on the cutting edge of innovation.

You deserve to be cared for in a certified Oncology Medical Home, where your team is committed to providing you with the services that you need, when you need them, doing as much of that as possible in our outpatient facilities, and coordinating your care with other doctors and services.

You deserve to treated in center that provides comprehensive cancer care, where chemotherapy, radiation therapy, imaging, pharmacy, support services, and treatment of any associated problems are all done under one roof, in a warm and supportive environment, surrounded by original art work.

We will work closely with your primary care physician, keeping him or her informed about your progress and involved in your care.

If you have already seen an oncologist and would like a second opinion, we would be very happy to do that. You may learn more about that here.

Ask your physician to please refer you to New Mexico Cancer Center.

For Health Plans

We understand that health plans generally do not directly refer patients. But health plans often are involved with the process of approving new referrals, and certainly in decisions regarding network contracting. In addition to the information found above, in particular the remarkable results of our Oncology Medical Home model, we  would be delighted to discuss with you why we believe that New Mexico Cancer Center, and its professional group, New Mexico Oncology Hematology Consultants, provides the very best value in the treatment of complex oncologic, hematologic and rheumatologic illness.

Your Strongest Ally to Conquer Cancer


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