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Superficial radiation therapy treats skin cancer and removes keloid scars without the side effects of invasive treatments.

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Albuquerque The Magazine again asked Albuquerque-area doctors:

“If you had to refer a loved one to a doctor, whom would you choose?”

We are thrilled that our peers chose two of NMCC's finest!

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...Barbara McAneny, chief executive of the New Mexico Cancer Center, said, “We need as many doctors’ thinking about what they can do better for their patients as they possibly can…

The transformation… began with an award from the Innovation Center… the Community Oncology Medical Home, or COME HOME, model. Six other practices joined the study...

We treat a lot of poor people,” McAneny said… hospitalizations dropped by more than half… The Innovation Center built on McAneny’s idea to create the Oncology Care Model...

January 4, 2017

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New York Times talks about –

New Mexico Cancer Center...
Oncology Care Model...

Barbara L. McAneny MD – CEO

The focus is to provide more coordinated care ...
improve patients' access to physicians...
cut out unnecessary services...

Keeping patients in their own homes while they undergo care is one of the main gains, helping them physically and psychologically, improving their overall care.
Blues Select New Mexico Cancer Center for Oncology Medical Home Pilot
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