Working in fused glass almost magically places me in the present, the here and now; some call it the “zone”. I have a necessity to extract, coax and move each sculpture from my imagination into existence. I am compelled to see the end result. Glass, as it is being layered, worked and shaped, never ceases to withhold its' element of surprise. This may be why the end result; the completed sculpture, continues to exude its' element of surprise long after it has found its destination in the home of its new owner. As an explorer and experimenter in kiln fused glass sculpture, I most often gain my inspiration from the nature around me.

Through bold experimentation, my more recent work has taken on an earthy and raw quality. For example, by chemically altering the glass surface during the first firing, I am able to create deep textural pits that mimic the cratering in lava rock, thus producing a rich and complex satin and glossy surface. My intense and unreserved use of color, combined with subtle geometric patterning, along with metal and crushed stone inclusions are my most often used “ingredients” when creating my sculptures. With the thematic use of these elements, my artistic signature, I want to evoke a serene feeling with flowing movement, deep subtle layers and balanced asymmetry. It is difficult to perceive the deep textures and dimensionality when viewing my work on line or in photos so a live viewing is a must.