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Gabriela Henner grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, influenced from a young age by the Southwest's unique culture and landscape. She learned the beauty of different painting mediums from her artist grandmother, and a year abroad in the magnificent city of Barcelona, Spain further inspired her to become more vibrant and detailed in her art. Gabriela's degree in Anthropology has further influenced her work as she ties monsterkind and humankind to a shared history.

Artist Statement

In my work, I have created a world of creatures termed “monsters,” subjects that do not inspire fear or disgust as the word is originally defined, but pushes the audience to connect with the emotions that humans share with these characters. In inventing a separate and fantastical world, I can address universal issues such as social anxiety, the acceptance of self/others, grief, etc., while still pleasing the viewer. Additionally, I initiate another level of engagement for the audience with my work by creating a unique story that is displayed alongside each individual piece of work. Many of the monsters in my art are portrayed as solitary, seeking comfort, love, or their true place in the world. I want my artwork to inspire kindness in others, and to show that we can all relate to each other on a more meaningful level. I work mainly in the media of acrylics and polymer clay, but also use watercolors and inks in my creations.

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