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My work expands the frontiers of fine art via high-tech mediums of artistic expression. Using specially developed electronic paintbrushes, I sketch, draw, color and create artwork entirely within the computer, much like an artist would on a piece of paper.

I combine computer languages, red-green-blue wavelengths, gradients and algorithms to aesthetically fracture, simplify and reassemble a version of reality that transports the viewer to the realm of the familiar. A ‘back-to-the-future’ aesthetic allows me to develop imagery that conveys the sensory experience of traditional fine art.

Computer art was an offspring of atomic research and the Manhattan Project, and originally developed in the high deserts around Albuquerque. My interest in computer art has its roots in my doctoral thesis.

They say that good artwork has two faces, one toward its own time and another toward eternity. Always aspiring to a style with a unique and enduring quality, my artwork deconstructs an image to enhance its essence.

All art is produced in signed, numbered, limited edition prints.

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