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Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic Imaging is an important part of cancer care. Imaging is ​a non-invasive and painless way of visualizing tissues and organs in the body so that abnormalities can be identified. For those who are being treated, imaging allows us to see if a patient's therapy is working. There are many different techniques for generating images used for detecting or diagnosing cancer.

New Mexico Cancer Center offers imaging, MRI, CT, and PET, for convenience, lower cost and faster results.

Below you will find a list of the main imaging techniques used at New Mexico Cancer Center. If you want to learn more about a particular technique, click on its box  to open it and read more about that technique. At the end of several of the boxes, you will find a link labeled "Learn more..." that you can click for even more in-depth information, that will open in a new window.

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