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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, arts and crafts have always been a part of my life. When I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2006, I went back to school for an AA in Art History, and The Arts opened up new worlds to me - culture, Cubism, and catharsis. I have always been influenced by the three, and love using Cubism to do it. Since then I have sold around 400 paintings, and have displayed my art at Art in The Park, Albuquerque Pridefest, New Mexico Art League, The Cube Restaurant, and various art shows. I have been a proud member of the Corrales Society of Artists, the New Mexico Art League , and the Rio Grande Art Association. I was recognized in the Albuquerque Journal for my work "Objects of Desire" that was featured in the New Mexico Art League, and I currently received “Best in Non-Objective” at the Master Works of New Mexico.

Artist Statement

I am fascinated and constantly inspired by the art and culture of the southwest. Cubism has been my favorite genre, and I have learned a lot from Picasso, Braque, and regional artist Ed Mell. Painting in acrylic on canvas has been an effective way to put my ideas into something tangible. Acrylic is flexible and transparent, which has been great for layers and rich depth. I use art for catharsis, both in making art as a healing process, and the finished painting for contemplation. I have enjoyed the process as much as the finished piece, and most of it is freehand, relying on imagination than real photos or places. Nothing means more than when a painting is understood by someone, and they get something on a deeper level than I intended. On the lighter side, I also like to paint for art’s sake. Despite where life might take me, I know art will always be a part of it.

Please call to arrange a private gallery tour, make a purchase, or ask any questions.

Gallery With A Cause - Current Exhibit

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