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Max Baptiste, organizer of WeAreThis City. Oil painting by Robert Reynolds.

The mission of We Are This City is to engage the community through fun and creativity to help strengthen the local economy.

In September 2015, We Are This City in collaboration with CiQlovia and 24 Hours of Art hosted a community-driven event titled ABQ BALLOON BLAST, in which more than 70 youth and families participated. This interactive art experience invited community members to participate in fun, celebratory exchange while creating abstract art by throwing balloons filled with paint at a designated building and ten 4’x8’ panels. These panels were then cut into 2’x2’ sections and distributed, by invitation, amongst 75 artists to add their creative vision.

Balloon Blast

We Are This City then in February and March 2016 in collaboration with the 14th Annual Breakin’ Hearts and Harwood Art Center made 75 more canvases of similar style but instead of balloons filled with paint, 500+ community members put handprints in paint on the panels, which were then cut up and again distributed to 75 artists to make the Hands On art collection.

In September 2016 We Are This City in collaboration with the All Kinds Festival did ABQ Footprints where 100+ community members walked around in paint on ten 4’x8’ panels which we have cut up and are currently getting ready to distribute to local artists for the ABQ Footprints exhibition.

Also in September 2016 We Are This City , in collaboration with TEDxABQ did We Paint, a project where the community spray painted stencils on ten 4’x4’ panels and then 10 local artists painted them live for the TEDxABQ stage.

In February 2017 We Are This City collaborated with the 15th Annual Breakin’ Hearts where 100+ community members were invited to spray paint whatever they wanted on four 4’x8’ panels which are now being cut up and distributed to local artists for the ABQ J uxtaposition exhibition.

Hands On

We Are This City’s last project was in collaboration with Free Range and Up With People where 100 people from 20 countries had the opportunity to spray the Free Range wall and ten 4’x8’ panels with fire extinguishers filled with paint. A local muralist will paint a mural using the community paint as a background and We Are This City will cut up the panels into seventy five 2’x2’ squares and distribute them to local artists as canvases.

Because of the extraordinary participation of our community and local artists, We Are This City has recognized the need to develop more of this work, in a professional manner that compliments the quality of art, the community, local businesses and the caliber of its creators.



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