Virginia Baich – bio

Artist Statement

(A selection of encaustic paintings inspired by nature}

This new series encaustic paintings “Drift” by Virginia Baich are based on fragments and features readily associated with the landscape, including waves. organic glyphs, calligraphic mountains and patterns of dotted stars. Dots replicate in an infinite array, spirals intensify movement and trigger a ripple effect in the surfaces of the paintings. Twisting vines weaves through the maze, a growing force materializing from the dynamic particulates surrounding it.

The manner of the painting, built up by layering of a textured print, oil paint, encaustic wax and rich color alludes to the earth’s stratification and the constant, evolving changes and building of weather conditions. The use of encaustic wax serves to bind the images and give it a translucent quality; recording flecks and embers of early indications of light and blanketing them with denser images and markings.

Several of the paintings contain particles of nature, such as a feather or a piece of tree bark. A sense of embeddedness pervades these paintings, suggesting buried fossils and thus invoking the passage of time. These abstracted landscapes are not meant to suggest a specific place, but document a state of mind employing the use of hazy light or revealed images through the blanket of darkness.