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I grew up in Germany as a son of a baker’s family. That meant in my case I had to learn the pastry business. But in my early twenties I stopped working in that field, because it was rather unsatisfying to me, I was always drawn to art even not knowing what I wanted exactly. I have always loved photography and experimented with it. I also assisted local photographers.

When I decided to visit New York in 1986 I had no idea that I would stay for good. I supported myself again working for photographers. It was pretty stressful at times because my English was almost none existent. The modernization of photography began in the 2009 by moving into the digital age. I taught myself Photoshop to be “étre currant” and later found a new form of expression creating colorful digital images. I now reside with my son outside of Albuquerque.

With my art I try to express and satisfy my inner most state of existence.
I challenge myself to always go to new grounds, find new shapes, colors and techniques to expand and press forward.

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