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My parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic Camera one Christmas. I cannot remember how many flash cubes I went through. Photography was one of father’s artistic passions. Writing was another and I am grateful for those gifts from him. My mother loves dance, music, and cooking. The latter two are carried on in me as well. These are great gifts to have for a lifetime, I believe, and the bits of my parents they represent in me are evident enough to everyone who knows me. Dad taught me the fundamentals of photography over the span of my teens. It was always a secondary art form then, so there were times when the camera and I were pushed out of the way for me and music. In my 20’s I was again pursuing photography, learning about SLR’s and film processing carrying a camera with me all the time. That trend continued for many decades. Photography often got pushed out of the way for the more “important” things life brought. Eventually making a living supplanted art altogether until the last decade or so, but finally I have the time and good fortune to enjoy making photographs.

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