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Stan Ford is an award-winning nature photographer specializing in landscapes and wildlife. He works primarily in the public lands of the American southwest and west.

Prior to taking up photography, Stan had a 30-year career in government and public service. It was approximately five years into his retirement he decided to pursue photography.

A life-long interest in photography began when he skipped a local concert and later was shown photographs of what he missed. He had no idea it was Jimi Hendrix who was performing but it was the photographs that made an impression. Following that he worked all summer mowing lawns to save the $36 needed to purchase his first “real” camera – a Yashica twin-lens reflex (a camera he still has and remains his favorite).

Looking back, the first photo he ever took was with a $5 camera his father gave him to use the day he met President Kennedy. It was just a few months before the assassination.

In high school, he was the photographer for both the school newspaper and yearbook. Once in college, the camera was put away and for the next 30 years it sat.

After he retired, a passing conversation with a friend who is a travel writer with USA Today led him to the Ansel Adams Gallery and a photo workshop on night sky photography and light painting. That workshop convinced him to purchase his first digital camera in 2012. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

His formal education led him to earn degrees in Biology (B.S.) and Natural Resources (M.A). His artist style draws upon his knowledge and experience in these fields.

Artist Statement

In a world where technology permeates our lives, it is easy to forget what matters. Nothing can be more important than our biosphere. Five years ago, I embarked on a journey to capture and present Mother Nature’s beauty, as she intended it. I title my work – “Mother Nature’s Selfies.”

Nature photography has become my rai·son d'ê·tre. I find being surrounded by nature cathartic. I use photography as a way to remember how I felt when experiencing nature and to share that moment with others.

My formal education is in life sciences and natural resources. Field biology taught me to observe nature. It requires being objective, analytical and patient. These skills are incorporated into my art. It is important for me to present the world in its natural state.

Although fascinated by animals in their natural habitat, landscapes are my favorite subject. I strive to see and not merely look; to notice what might otherwise go unnoticed. I am rewarded when someone sees my work and exclaims “Wow!” That validates my effort.

I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I did capturing the images. Welcome to fotos by ford – “images from a camera /not a computer.”

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