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When my children were ‘out of nest’, I began to look for something to fulfill my life. I began taking art lessons from a friend who encouraged me to grow as an artist. Pastel is my passion and I have been painting for over fifteen years. I paint mostly landscape. Painting nature is a great way to explore the hidden beauty around us. I enjoyed painting variety of subjects, whatever touches my emotions. I try to use color expressively and delicate strokes to reflect my enthusiasm for the subject in my paintings.

I was born in Korea, where I had a business degree, and then worked in a bank for some time. I have lived in Canada and U.S. for about 40 years. Now I live in Albuquerque, I am a Signature Member of Pastel Society of America, a Signature Member of Pastel Society New Mexico, and a Member of Plein Air Painters New Mexico. I took workshops from Albert Handell, Richard McKinley and Duane Wakeham. I won numerous awards from National Shows, and featured in the books and magazines, and was selected in the Pastel Journal’s top 100 competition in 2007.

Artist Statement

As a landscape painter, I enjoy observing nature’s delicate change by light, and finding subtle beauties around us. I want capture the essence of the subject which makes me delight to touch the nature. I want them to be revealed.

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