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Sarah came to painting after pursuing four earlier careers. She began her adult life as a classical cellist, playing chamber music, in symphony orchestras, and teaching in North, South, and Central America. She then developed an early learning Spanish program and taught young children through schools and daycare centers as well as privately. Later she built a service business which she owned and operated for almost nine years. During that time Sarah returned to school and earned a Masters in Counseling. She worked in Mental Health in a great variety of settings for 12 years before turning to painting which she now does full-time.

Artist Statement

As modern humans spends increasingly more time in cyberspace, plugged in, connected to somewhere else, I attempt, through my work, to find grounding in the natural world, pulling the viewer back to what exists tangibly all around us, every day. I focus on the largely unnoticed beauty in the ordinary that lies just outside our field of awareness: the simplicity and, at the same time, the complexity, of the botanical world. In this body of work I explore the infinite nature of leaves, as they articulate a microcosm of the life cycle with endless variety of color, shape, and texture, exquisitely beautiful at every turn. Realism is the structure on which I overlay color and form, light and shadow. I paint in oils, on large canvases to emphasize the need to observe more closely the world around us.

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