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It seems that from birth, feelings and emotions were destined to be at the center of Sarah Hartshorne’s life. Born in the small town of Hamilton, NY to a professor of philosophy and his homemaker wife who had three sons already, Sarah began violin at age 7 and cello at 9. Music was a way she could not only express herself, but achieve and hold her own in her male-centric home and small town. Sarah became so skilled, that shortly after beginning college at Grinnell, in Iowa, she applied for and qualified as principal cellist for the National Symphony of Bolivia, where she lived for some time. Then, deciding she needed further study, she returned north, and followed a teacher she admired to McGill University, in Montreal, where she received a degree in Music Performance. She then spent some years playing chamber music, in symphony orchestras, and teaching in North, South and Central America.

However, during that time, she also got married and had three children – and the family moved to Albuquerque, NM, deciding that Sarah should pursue a more serious profession. So Sarah went back to school. But interestingly, she stayed in the land of feelings, receiving a Masters degree in Counseling, and becoming a psychotherapist in private practice. She also took a job with the University of New Mexico, which enabled her (and her children) to take free classes. And now fate (or serendipity) stepped into the story. Sarah and one of her sons decided to take a drawing class, for fun. It was fun, and so in 1994, hey followed the drawing with a painting class. Sarah describes that happened: “I entered a world I never knew existed. I fell in love. And from there on, it was all I cared about.” Almost immediately, people started buying Sarah’s work, just by word of mouth. She continued classes. She got gallery representation. Within a year, she had reduced her counseling load from 33 clients to 6. Then she closed her office. Sarah Harsthorne, professional artist, was born.

Sarah Hartshorne lives full-time in the world of art now, expressing deep feelings in the colors and confident, complex structures of ever single piece of art she creates. She constantly seeks out new artistic challenges and strives to grow with every canvas, understanding that as the goal of all serious artists. Sarah’s work is represented by several galleries in the U.S. and is held in private and public collections around the world.

Artist Statement

I focus on the unique in the ordinary. I explore the play of light and shadow, and use color to bring my subjects alive. My current interest is botanical themes, entering the subject telescopically so that the viewer is carried into a new, unexpected and almost abstract encounter with the familiar.

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