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Artist Statement

As a child, I was exposed to onlytwo types of art: black velvet paintings and paint-by-number sets. This changed dramatically when I was 18 and first visited a major art museum. There, I fell in love with Monet’s landscapes and made what has turned out to be a life-long commitment to being an artist. In 1980, I became enchanted with the land of New Mexico and made this state my home. After multiple decades of being happily devoted to career and family, I am now fortunate to spend endless hours as an artist painting the land she loves.

Born from the work of Alyse Frank and Barbara Zaring, a nontraditional, dynamic approach to Plein Air painting serves as ongoing inspiration to me. All of my paintings begin on a black or red canvas. My landscape paintings are started via Plein Air and finished in my studio. The florals are painted from a teacher’s thoughtfully arranged still lifes.

My work includes focused attention on multiple aspects of painting. Along with creating an image, I enthusiastically explore the interaction of colors. I work to powerfully extend the surface and boundaries of a canvas, match brushstrokes to meaning and expressively communicate my experience of the subject I am painting.

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