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To me, photography is about telling artful stories illustrated with light, color, shadows, highlights, reflections and luminescence. I started my photographic journey as an Art Education student at UNM. During that time, I had the opportunity to photograph the first International Balloon Fiesta at Coronado Mall. I jumped in my 55 Nash and followed Sid Cutter’s balloon up into the foothills. I even have a photo of Sid Cutter telling me to get out of the way.

I went on to teach science for 40 years with the last 21 years at Albuquerque Academy. As a teacher, I combined art and science with my love of earth systems. I travelled to Australia to photograph stromatolites; New Zealand for hydro thermals and volcanism; and Iceland for its unique position on the mid ocean ridge creating a science and art playground. My photographs were used in curricular materials including magazines and websites.

When I retired I went back to my art full time and joined the Albuquerque Photographers Gallery in Old Town. I continue to develop stories by setting a purpose for my photography. For example, I researched “The Journey of the Stones,” showing how the large stones (identified by geochemistry) in a quarry in Wales may have travelled to Stonehenge some 150 miles away. I’ve photographed the Northern Lights in Sweden, Alaska and Iceland. I travelled to Alaska in our 4-wheel drive van to track down my grandmother’s US Reindeer Service bell that she found when she was a territorial teacher in Bristol Bay, Alaska in the 1940’s.

Even with all my travels, photography of the Southwest is my passion. I love the dramatic scenery, clear blue skies and above all the magnificent light. I enjoy astrophotography, deserted ghost towns, rivers cutting through the desert landscape, soaring cliffs, discovering hidden slot canyons and much more.

Artist Statement

To me, photography is about telling a story illustrated with light, color, shadows, highlights, reflections and luminescence. I heard Ansel Adams speak at UNM when I was studying photography. Like so many other photographers I was inspired by his photography and the way he spoke of the essential elements of light. Over the years, I’ve never stopped taking photos and looking for the light. I’ve travelled all over the world capturing images, but I’ve always been connected to the Southwest because of the clear blue skies and the magnificent light.


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