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Reid Bandeen sees landscape painting as a medium for communicating the awe, power and mystery of the natural world. Working in a contemporary representational impressionist style, he draws his compositions from the skies, vast horizons, waterways and mountains of the American West. To him a successful painting is one that inspires the same flash of inspiration and wonder for the viewer that moved him to render a particular scene in paint. His commitment is to enable his viewers and collectors to gain a shared appreciation for the spiritual nourishment the natural world provides, in the context of our modern lives.

Largely self-taught, Bandeen showed an early interest and ability in drawing and painting, but pursued a professional career in water resources before delving into art as his primary focus in 2007. Personal instruction and mentorships with several contemporary masters (including Arturo Chavez, Deborah Paris, and Scott Christensen) aided his development along the way. Today Bandeen lives and works from his studios in Placitas and Taos, New Mexico, surrounded by an abundance of wild nature.

Artist Profile

Reid Bandeen is a contemporary impressionist landscape painter who began his creative explorations at an early age, where his middle school instructors bought his first paintings. Cultivating his painting abilities intermittently during a professional career in water resources, he honed his skills through studies and mentorship programs with contemporary master painters. Located in Placitas, New Mexico, Bandeen primarily explores the expansive panoramas and magical light of the American Southwest, though draws and paints during his extensive travels in the U.S. and abroad. Bandeen currently exhibits at Purple Sage Trading in Historic Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico and in assorted regional shows and competitions

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