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I am a watercolorist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have studied with several local artists—Bob Cox, Dorothy Vorhees and Bud Edmonson and taken workshops with many excellent instructors.

I am a signature member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society and am currently a member of The Artist Studio in Hoffmantown Center in Albuquerque.

I enjoy painting landscapes and florals. I like painting miniatures also. Don’t know why—just do. I have so many paintings in my head that I hope I can get them painted in my lifetime!

Artist Statement

I am inspired by nature. I feel joy and exhilaration when I see a beautiful vista before me. I want to capture it in watercolor.

I see light and shadow in a bouquet, a mountain scene, the woods and want to express it in a painting. That is my inspiration.

I wish I was good at pompous, egocentric declarations of intent and angst but am not. I am not a pretentious person and am as honest as can be. I love the beauty of New Mexico in all its forms—high desert, forests, plains, lakes and so on. It is a wondrous place! I want to capture it in watercolor.

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