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Both of my parents were writers and grew up during the depression, needless to say, they were very creative people. They always found ways to keep us busy, interested and learning. My father was in the army so when I was a youngster we traveled quite a bit. I had attended eleven schools by the time I reached high school. These circumstances provided me with an unusual childhood but also led to me becoming quite introverted as well as creative. My siblings and I always had some type of project going on and most of the time it involved some type of artwork. This creative drive has stayed with me throughout my life.

I majored in education with art as a teaching field and all my childhood lessons proved to be extremely helpful in my first career. I continued teaching for 30 years and truly enjoyed the profession. However, teaching, raising my three boys and all the other obligations in life left little time for “art”. There was always something missing in my life…even though it was full.

In 2010, after my father’s passing, my husband, my mom and I relocated to Albuquerque and it was then that I retired from teaching and began freshening up my artistic skills. Less than a year later my mom passed away and I worked part time with Art in the School and began taking steps to begin my art career.

I took workshops and classes, entered juried shows, displayed my work at three different galleries, participated in Group Exhibitions and eventually a couple of Solo Exhibitions. I was finally able to satisfy that creative itch!

I serve on the board of Art in the School because I will always enjoy and wish to contribute to the creativity of children. I am a member of Artists ‘Round Town and show in several different places around Albuquerque. Additionally, in 2014, I became a signature member of The New Mexico Watercolor Society.

Locally, I have been juried into Masterworks, the New Mexico State Fair, The Placitas Artists Series, Encantada, and several New Mexico Watercolor Society and NMAL Exhibitions. I also take part in the yearly Alameda Studio Tour. I have also been a participant in both solo and group exhibitions in places such as the South Broadway Cultural Center and the Remarque Gallery.

I am a member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, The Rio Grande Art Association, The New Mexico Art League, the Corrales Art Center, The Art Museum and most recently, New Mexico Women in the Arts.

I exhibit in other states as well as locally and in April of 2017, I received first place for mixed media in the Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition in Irving, Texas.

Artist Statement

When I first returned to my passion, I struggled with finding a consistent style or subject matter but have since discovered I enjoy being versatile. There are many processes to explore and I am not content using only one medium or concentrating on a similar subject matter. I enjoy working with various media and continue to investigate different surfaces, techniques and possibilities. Experimenting with diverse elements peaks my enthusiasm and stirs my imagination.

I've heard the expression about being..."a Jack of all trades and a master of none". I'm perfectly content being “Jack”. I'm happy exploring every possibility both life and art have to offer.

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