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As the daughter of well-known western artist Oleg Stavrowsky, art is in my DNA. I spent 25 years working in graphic design and took up painting about two years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to sell nearly everything I’ve painted, so I’m in heaven. I’m asked a lot, but I don’t wish I’d discovered this path earlier, because I believe things happen when they’re supposed to. But I’m overjoyed that it seems to be time to paint now!

I’m 57 and live with my husband Stan, near Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve got two sons who I couldn’t be more proud of, and two whip-smart little grandkids. Three of my sisters also paint. We love to get each other’s opinions on our works-in-progress, and just talk shop about art; mostly through short, (often funny) group texts. I trust their instincts and candor.

Artist Statement

I paint the things I love, and my list of subjects is fluid. I feel immensely privileged to get to do this, and hope it shows in my work. It isn’t easy sometimes but, under everything, it’s always joyous. I believe artists of all types are just the conduits, and our job is to work hard, then get out of the way so the Creator can speak through us. Whatever natural ability I have is from Him. I’m humbled to use it however He wants me to, and hope to continue learning and growing in this fascinating endeavor.

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