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I am a fourth generation New Mexican. My interest in the arts was encouraged by my grandmother, who collected work of the Taos Society of Artists. I received my BFA and MA degrees from the University of New Mexico. Life-long curiosity, interest in learning and an avocation for travel has found me making art in various media and locations. I have taught art and photography in the Albuquerque Public Schools, Laguna and Acomita pueblos, London, England, and my second home, Oaxaca, Mexico. I have shown my work locally and internationally in juried, group and invitational exhibits. My work is included in the Bernalillo County Art Collection.

Artist Statement

I feel imbued by the light, color and form of my native land. Process-oriented, mixed media has been my mode of expression. Based in photography, my images include painting, drawing, collage, handmade books and three-dimensional work.

I am a “layerist.” As I work in my studio, I find myself inextricably involved in the process of working, in layers of time and materials, synthesizing my life’s journey with my art.

I feel, as in the following quote by Odilon Redon, that the making of my art is a mystery that goes beyond language, that it creates a visual dialogue:

“…the essence of the mystery is to preserve a state of ambivalence, through double and triple possible interpretations, through mere hints of interpretations (images within images), through forms that will materialize, but will do so only in the consciousness of the spectator.”

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