Katharine received a degree in History and Anthropology from UNM in 1971 and returned there in 1988 to pursue advanced studies in painting, drawing and printmaking. The simplicity of Native American design and Asian artistic traditions are a means for her to connect imagery of the natural world with the symbology of the journey of one s soul. Her journey has taken her to a diagnosis of Lupus and she is a two-time breast cancer survivor. Those events served to cement her desire to find the contemplative imagery shown here at the New Mexico Cancer Center.

In addition to contributing her artistic knowledge as a high school and UNM Community College instructor, she has served as a Fine Arts judge at the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial, New Mexico Prisons Art Competition, and board member for Red Mesa Art Center. Katharine has participated in numerous workshops held by individual artists; a Monoprint Workshop at Tamarind Institute; Monoprint, Gravure and Kitchen Lithography classes at New Grounds/Remarque.

Artist Statement

In my artistic process, material and image are expanded, layered and deconstructed. As possible signposts for continuing discovery, the image is both absent and present. Object, shape, texture and color lead the viewer on a personal journey. Cultural and natural imagery often appears in my work as a metaphor for endurance. Manipulated and deconstructed, imagery is open to personal interpretation by the viewer. The challenge for me is to present these images in a manner that breathes new life into the familiar.