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John Saunders was born in Albuquerque NM, and has been an artist for all of his adult life. He spent his youth on farms full of horses and other animals. John’s father was a cowboy and always had horses around. Growing up in the artist Colony of Laguna Beach area, he started art classes at age ten. Watching his grandparents paint and his mother keeping art supplies around the house and also winning a ribbon at the Stated Fair influenced him to be an artist. John’s work has been published by various companies, like Roper Western Wear. He is represented by Joan Cawley Gallery and many other galleries through the United States.

Artist Statement

While a kid, growing up on the coast of California, John watched the animals coming in through the coastal morning fog. This fascinated John, and years later this memory would become his Inspiration for his unique style of painting. In his early career, John’s major art focus has been sculpting in several media. However, painting horses was always at his core and this subject emerged several years later with watercolor as his first painting. John has mastered this medium and has gone on to work in acrylic and oil.

John’s mystical paintings of horses capture the spirit of the horse. Beyond every image is a moment captured; a thousand tiny details of movement and expression that transform sight into experience. Inspiring this type of reaction is an ongoing goal for John. Today he is still trying to paint the perfect horse.

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