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John is a recycle artist and lifelong New Mexican. My father was an artist and thinker, and our family has always had an interest in the arts and encouraged creativity. A technician by trade, John has tried his hand in many arts and crafts, sand casting jewelry, printmaking, cardmaking, painting and digital photography. After retiring John began to craft art with recycled materials. He is currently a member of the Matrix Fine Art, and has participated for several years in the Recycle Santa Fe Show. His work is also featured in the Weasel & Fitz Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico.

Artist Statement

My recycle art is strongly influenced by the environment, history and culture of New Mexico. My first pieces combined recycled wood and metal with memorabilia to tell stories about my own life, the location of the objects, friends, family and pets. Other pieces were more fantastical in nature, often based on myths and legends which I collected in those decades of traveling around New Mexico. My recent work focuses more on recognizable shapes and subjects. I work primarily with found sheet metal which I cut into recognizable shapes, then paint or enamel before embellishing with additional details – all of which are found objects. Every one of my pieces is fundamentally different because of the unique stories of those embellishments. In addition, I continue to experiment with materials and processes. Working with found materials is an important component of the way I create art and the stories I tell. Most importantly, I believe that using recycled material is important for the state of the planet.

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