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I was born in Albuquerque, studied Art History at the University of New Mexico and recently completed an apprenticeship with a professional metal artist. My work can be seen at The Gallery ABQ in Albuquerque.

Artist Statement

I combine wood and metal to create a unique form of wall sculpture. My aim is to create an appealing visual form that evokes an emotional experience. I strive to create art that is new and unique; that is aesthetically appealing; and that is well-made. I use vacuum dyed laminated wood and exotic woods to prepare and mount on ground, sometimes painted metal to create unique wall art. I like to say that it took me 30 years to start making art because that’s how long it took to find something that hadn’t been done before; an idea that I felt was worth pursuing, and the tools with which to do it.

I studied art history at UNM decades ago and I love modern art. I learned techniques through furniture making and through an apprenticeship with a metal sculptor that enabled me create my current pieces. I also have collected a lot of tools along the way, which I love. My work is equal parts rooted in awareness of art history, sound craftsmanship, and avoidance of losing a finger while being creative. In the tradition of the abstract expressionists, I want the viewer to experience and feel more than to think. I love my materials the way a chef might love the flavor of a raw vegetable or the sight of a well-marbled steak. Nothing makes me happier than the time I spend in my workshop working on my art, and I hope it translates into my pieces.

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