Artist Statement

This Collection of displayed Oil Paintings shows a small sample of my talent and creativity; From Disciplined subjects to Fanciful Fantasy.

My influences ranges from Art Nuevo, Impressionism, Pre-Raphaelite, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Fantasy and Imagination.

I like to pay attention to detail and control. If creating from my memory or laying out a structured subject matter; more then often I find myself pulled back to detail.

Samples of subject matter range from: Portraits, Male/Female subjects, Buildings, Floral and Wildlife to Far off fantasy lands, fairies, Creatures, Beasts, Dragons, Steampunk, Aliens and Magical Realms.

I did attend a collage studying Commercial Arts for a year.

After leaving collage I became a self taught Artist. Starting in Acrylics, Airbrush and moving on to Oils. I am now a strict Oil Painter.

Future look: I Hope to further more into Impressionism in my painting. Looser brushwork and more tamed colors.

I have won many awards for my works and contributions, including: 2015 Awarded a “Local Treasure” by the AABA, 2010 First place at the State Fair Art Show in Oil Painting, and over 8 years First Place at the Albuquerque Pride Art Show.

Contributions to: Hispanic Cultural Center, ARCA of New Mexico, VSA of New Mexico and NMAS.