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Gala Yershevich was born and raised in the former Soviet Union. She has an MA in Art Education from a Moscow University and she studied printmaking at UNM. Her artwork includes still life, landscapes and figurative compositions.

She has been living in New Mexico for over 25 years and has been inspired by the Land of Enchantment, it’s sunlight, open spaces and magnificent colors.

Artist Statement

I paint because I feel the need to do so. Finding and expressing my inner self and learn from every art making experience is what important to me. I love to take a line for a walk and capture the unbelievable color combinations of New Mexico. Every painting is a discovery and an adventure to learn from.

My latest artist in residence experience in Truchas, New Mexico has affected me greatly. It helped me look within, focus on finding and expressing my inner self and unleash the mystery of creation process.

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