David S. McKee – bio

Art Open House at NMCC, June 18, 2017

My work is continually evolving. At one time, I used oil paint, roofing tar, encaustic, and liquid enamel to create my works. I have since started using acrylic, spray paint, water soluble crayons, and torn photographs to create my works.

Combining elements of torn photographs and painting in a mixed media collage creates something that is new and unique. I am a painter, and I am a photographer. I’m a painter with a camera. The process that led me to this point was organic. I don’t want to be a painter on one hand and a photographer on the other, I just want to be an artist. So, I wondered what would happen if…I added torn pieces of photographs into my paintings.

I earned a BFA from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. My influences are Picasso, de Kooning, and Rauschenberg.

Artist Statement

My work is a combination of painting and photographic elements. The materials I use are acrylic, spray paint, water soluble crayons, and pieces of torn photographs to create my mixed media collages. I want to create works that are different and unique.

My first step is to select an image. I enlarge the image in Photoshop to the same size as my canvas, I then grid the image and print out certain pieces of the photograph. The next step is to grid the canvas and then make a basic drawing with ebony pencil. I begin painting on the canvas focusing on composition, values and color. I tear out pieces of photographs and, in combination with painting, I begin to construct the image.

The process that lead me to this way of working was organic, I take my paintings and my photographic work and push boundaries asking - what is painting?