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As a military kid, regularly moving all over the United States, the “wild west” seemed alive to me as a child, the dirt, grit of it all, just seemed like home. As an adult, I reflect and realize better that what was capturing my imagination was the history these places exuded and would maybe now explain my passion for capturing those histories in my art. I like to think, history, despite its tragic parts, still was full of life, culture and whimsical tales! New Mexico in particular, connects me to culture, color, flavors, even humor.

My repurposed/recycled art is the result of my statewide travels, scavenging metal & wood from abandoned structures, fallen, scrap yards, donations etc. all reused via intuition into new life pieces that reflect the aesthetic of New Mexico. Purposely vintage, rusty, imperfect, handmade creations of cast away items given a new existence.

As a career artist, I am thankful for the opportunity to create, and participate in functions, explorations, and adventures it provides!

Thank you for reading, enjoy art, all kinds and in this case, hopefully you would enjoy owning mine.

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