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Dana Millen, Ph.D., MPH has been trained in Public Health (Master of Public Health) and with a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is an activist, feminist, social justice reformer, and artist. Her current medium is acrylic paint and oil markers, using brush and pallet knives to place paint on canvas. She paints in a post -impressionistic style of painting while also embracing the abstract. The use of color to feel emotion and connect with people is vital to her. A New Mexico resident for 27 years, Dana draws inspiration from the natural beauty and people that surround her. Growing up in Ghana and Colombia, along with later worldwide travel to Mexico, Greece, Canada and Alaska, have also led to key shaping of her creative process. Primary among the artists who have influenced Dana’s art is Emily Carr, one of Canada’s most celebrated and revolutionary artists. Dana has also gratefully been influenced by Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Helen Frankenthaler, Judy Chicago, and her teacher and art coach – Travis Bruce Black.

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