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Christopher Miller grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he lives and paints. He also lived and studied in Augsburg, Germany, and Paris and Strasbourg, France, for four years. He always has had a deep love for art and pursued it as a hobby throughout much of his career as a writer. He now is a full-time artist and shares studio space with 12 other artists, who primarily paint landscapes in watercolors and oils.

Although Chris does not have a degree in art, he has studied with some of the finest landscape artists of New Mexico and the Southwest, including Bill Gallen, Dave Ballew, Peggy Immel, Bud Edmondson and Mike Lynch. He is a member of Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, the Rio Grande Art Association, the Artist Studio, and the New Mexico Art League.

He recently began to show his work in exhibitions in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.

Artist Statement

The Southwest landscape provides inspiration for my paintings. I paint to evoke feelings in the viewer, feelings of awe and joy and a longing to embrace the landscape as I do.

I am particularly inspired by the movement of light across mountains, cliffs, trees, mesas, streams, adobe structures and wide open spaces. I love the interplay of sunlight and shadows across the landscape. I love low light, the light of the early morning and late afternoon. It is the time when the sunlight glows and makes everything it caresses pass through a medley of colors, both warm and cool. My aim is to capture that on canvas and to preserve it for those who are as entranced by its magic as I am.

I spent a career as a writer. I was never intimitated by a blank sheet of paper. As a painter, the blank canvas provides a myriad of possibilities and I begin each painting believing it will be my best yet.

I paint both in the studio and “en plein air”, or outdoors, viewing the subject matter directly. Plein air presents challenges, but it also helps cement my love for the landscape and it further develops my abilities to capture color, temperature, light and value. My plein air paintings often serve as studies for larger paintings in the studio, but sometimes they work as a beautiful pieces of art in themselves.

I strive for simplicity and see my art evolving more and more toward the abstract. My goal is to capture essential shapes and values that lead the viewer’s eye through elements of the painting that are both stated and only hinted at.

While it is the landscape that inspires me, my techniques of paint application originate in the works of the Impressionists, Abstract Expressionists, and les Fauves.

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