Art Open House at NMCC March 2, 2018

Artist Statement

Inspired by the inherent harmony found in nature, my work follows the metaphors and rhythms of the natural world. Whether it is the intricate architecture of seedpods or expansive vistas that move me, the resulting images are visual conversations between ideas, process and materials. I try to capture the essence of a place. It is the experience of being in places that stirs my heart to respond to and translate my impressions.

I focus on conveying the quality of light and mood, often depicting a definitive horizon line that draws the eye between earth and sky. At other times I am more attentive to the intimate world of natural textures found in bark, lichen, or stone, interpreting these as provocative organic shapes placed within an abstract matrix.

I love to explore the relationship between color and see what happens when they recede or advance, mix or separate.I follow the threads of possibilities that emerge layer by layer over many weeks with each piece, revealing and concealing elements. I am interested in how these layers transform, shape and alter one’s perceptions.

As an image-maker, I love recording the metaphorical connections created between the inner world of the heart and the outer landscape. My mediums of choice - monotype, collagraph, and woodcut, combine both painting and printmaking approaches which results in unique textures and surface treatments that have a distinct quality and appearance all their own.

My main focus is to articulate the essential elements, creating both meditative and engaging work while inviting the viewer to a deeper appreciation of nature in all her exquisite forms.