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I began painting with oils at age nine. In the early 1970's I became intrigued with the ancient process of batik, using wax to resist dyes on fabric. I still use batik techniques I learned in Indonesia in 1981. My batiks and larger oil paintings are created in my studio. And plein-air oil painting offers me a way to make art while we travel in the motor home for six months every year.

My landscapes are inspired by the hiking country in New Mexico, where I have lived since 1982. Travels in Latin America and the Pacific awakened my sense of color. Four years spent on San Andres Island, Colombia, continue to influence my way of looking at life.

Artist Statement

Research shows that art heals. Appropriate artwork can help alleviate stress, reduce the need for pain medication, and provide positive distraction. I am honored that my art hangs permanently in healing environments. And the temporary group exhibit “The Art of Healing” at the New Mexico Cancer Center is a perfect stop on my path to help support health and well-being through my art.

This year, 2017, I began a new series of oil paintings called “Hiking”. I am trying to depict several views and times in a single painting. It is a reaction against the idea of capturing one instant in time from a single viewpoint. Also included in the series is the attempt to portray a feeling of motion - what a person sees as she walks through nature rather than contemplates it from a fixed position. My goal is to create happy, calming images that are also interesting.

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