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Carol has lived in many beautiful places including California and Hawaii. But the first time she visited the Southwest, the amazing vistas with its ever changing light and colors captured her heart forever. The wildlife, especially wild horses, is an added bonus.

Ordogne earned a BFA from the University of Hawaii and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. Her oil paintings are about her relationship with the rugged landscapes and the wildlife she is privileged to see every day. She does large plein air landscapes with a pallet knife in the studio.

Artist Statement

Carol’s deep affection for animals and landscapes is the inspiration for her paintings. A career as a landscape architect taught her much about close observation of the natural world. Art and animals have always been her passion so painting scenes with animals became a natural outcome. Carol spends half her painting time on medium to large plein air paintings done with a pallet knife. Her studio work can be as small as 4 x 4 inches and is often of animals.

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