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Art has been Carol Morgan-Eagle's passion since she was a child playing in her grandmother's art studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California. Since then, she has continuously pursued her interpretive artistic vision of the world, whether as musician, dancer or photographer.
While in school for Fashion Design and Illustration, Morgan-Eagle worked as an intern at LACMA in the Costumes and Textiles Department assisting the curator in photographing the resident costume collection as well as for the “Hollywood and History” exhibit. Later, she furthered her skills working for “International Models and Talent” as a photographer's assistant and stylist for many fine fashion photographers.

Drawn by the beauty and mythology of the southwest, Morgan-Eagle and her husband, Daniel Pretends Eagle, moved to the art colony of Taos, NM in 1991, where she planned to become a painter. But it was while working as Creative Director and in-house fashion photographer for Blue Fish Clothing, that she finally realized her own love for the immediacy of the camera's eye. She now works in both commercial and fine art photography.

Bringing her painting background to her photography with the use of encaustic layered over her photographic print, Morgan-Eagle still attempts to convey that painterly vision in both her technique and print style. When she's not pursuing the creative muse of photography, Morgan-Eagle is a singer/songwriter who performs with her husband in their band, Bone Orchard.

Artist Statement

I like to blur the line between what is really there and what I see. My desire is to stir people's emotions, to touch something in their hearts that gives them hope or connects them to that deep hidden part of themselves and spurs them on to find their own inspiration in life. To reveal the beauty or the sacred or the story that is hidden in the ordinary. I find my muse in that which exists around me, of whatever sparks my imagination and sends me on my way to that place of creative satisfaction…….inspired by color…shape…texture… and an alternate version of what we think we are really seeing….waiting for that moment when it suddenly all dissolves into this transcendence where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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