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Artist Statement

I am a native of Southwest Oregon Redwood/Coastal region with family roots in New Mexico, Arkansas, Oregon, and Texas. I grew up knowing and respecting the physical rugged, giant power, beauty & freedom of the Pacific Northwest Coast along with the gentle wisdom of the Redwoods. Later in life I experienced the straight-forward infinite landscapes of the Texas Panhandle and the magnetic, surround-sound of the enchanted, spiritual environment of New Mexico. All of these environments exhibit their own language of energy, light and color.

I have been deeply involved in the Albuquerque art community since I moved here in 1993, and I have served as president of the AABA – the Artscrawl People - from 2004 to present. My work has been exhibited and collected widely in the Southwest.

My abstract paintings reflect an inner buoyancy and progressive optimism. I love color - it is an energy, a fuel and a fire surrounded by a vast language of spectrums. Abstract painting is not something I wanted to try as if trying on clothes - it is more than that for me - it is a language and an integral part of my soul and nature.

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