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Bryce Hample is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Albuquerque, NM. He works in the realms of painting, sculpture, music, sound, and performance. His artworks are a revelation of material and surface, using wood, metal and encaustic paint to create an elemental language. Through a process of addition and subtraction, he utilizes repetition and rhythm to exhaustively investigate the balance of controlled precision and organic happenstance. Similarly, Bryce’s music and sound work resides in the tension between the natural and manmade worlds. He designs and builds his own musical instruments, collecting layers of sound to create immersive landscapes of textured emotion. Hample has been a featured performer at TEDxABQ, was a collaborating artist on Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return, and has been touring North America annually since 2008. Bryce also often collaborates with other visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and performance artists.

Artist Statement

My work is a ritual exploration of the elemental. Whether making paintings, sculptures, or music, I build up and tear down layers to eventually remove my hand while revealing something else. I am inspired by accidents and coincidences and allow these to interrupt the structure of time and space. Working with found wire scraps, collected sounds, and raw materials, I summon the unconscious to inform the automatic; I invite organic chaos to upset my carefully controlled precision. There is silence between words. There is love in reinvention. My work is an escape, a perfect fantasy.

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