Winner of Doctors' Choice Award, Sept 1, 2017

After a short stint at the University of Texas where I studied drawing and design in 1971 I moved to Taos. During the seventies I designed jewelry, studied tapestry weaving, created fiber sculptures, and continued to hone my drawing skills. By the late seventies I knew I had to return to painting. Over the past thirty-five years I have exhibited work nationally. My paintings and prints are included in numerous public and private collections. I still live in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I teach part time at the University of New Mexico and continue to explore the infinite number of ways to color canvas with excitement. The icons in my abstract paintings - the triangle, the stick or straight line, the curved line and the oval or egg - arrived out of the process of painting for most of my sixty years.

Artist Statement

The icons in my abstract paintings - the triangle, the stick or straight line, the curved line, the oval or egg and the leaf like or seed shape - arrived out of the process of painting for most of my sixty-three years. These items are sometimes joined with symbols taken from popular culture, the heart for example, and more ordinary objects such as the chair or the lily. Not all of the icons are present in each painting but seem to come, go, emerge, disappear and then re-emerge over time.

So each image leads to the next and, I like to think, they are born out of the Jungian collective unconscious. This idea of a vast timeless pool of thoughts, memories and ideas, which all beings dip into and contribute to, has been made apparent to me in numerous ways. The egg or oval shape, which is a metaphor for creation in sacred geometry, has been a major element in my work for over twenty years. Most recently this form has transmuted into the seed, yet another perhaps more obvious symbol for creation, as all of life is present in the seed.

The paintings presented are part of a body of work I have been working on for a decade. Years ago I was excavating a small canvas - painting, sanding, layering, and reworking - until several compositions emerged. Several of the designs were later enlarged.

As I worked on these paintings a new element appeared, the simple curved line that, symbolically to me, were bowls. The idea of the bowl, as seen in Bowls I , the piece installed in NOR-LEA Regional Hospital in Lovington, is that of a humble offering. Bowls II , part of the collection available for purchase, builds on this idea.

The egg or seed inside the bowl is all creation seen as an offering to the universe. What more do we have to give than our total being? This was the concept behind Seed Bowl that was purchased by the city of Albuquerque in conjunction with the Urban Enhancement Program. Some viewers of these works have called this curved line a smile. I like this perspective since it underlines the joy that accompanies the gift of self.

When my yoga teacher viewed my work she noted that the placement of the curved lines and egg (or seed) reminded her of yantras. Yantras are Eastern geometric symbols used as meditation points to balance the mind and help focus on spiritual concepts. Beautiful! Balance Beam: From the Yantra Series that is presented for purchase is one of the paintings that intentionally evokes the yantra as symbol in order to suggest internal balance and spiritual harmony.

In Verano, shapes and lines echo elements found in two of the original painting designs uncovered years ago. Nob Hill Retro (part of the States collection now housed in the Adult Respite Center in Carlsbad) and Dinner for Three ( also part of the States collection this piece is installed in the foyer of the Curry County Adult Detention Center in Clovis) reveal soft and strong curves, brilliant juxtapositions and slow gradations of color and, of course, the egg. In Verano I have again visually tangled the curved lines and played with varied applications of color however this time I have brought in the newer seed icon. With this late summer vision of the days when the earth begins to move away from the sun and the light is filled with gold, I have enlarged the seed until it is truly a leaf.

Hopefully, I have created a feast for your eyes. May you feel some of the delight I felt in the creation of these pieces. Please ENJOY!