Agata Kijanka – bio

Art Open House at NMCC, June 18, 2017

Agata Kijanka lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been nationally and internationally collected, with collectors in New York City, England, Seattle, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. Through painting, Agata explores and shares many of her loves, including science and nature, as well as her deep emotional sensitivity to color.

About Creation Stories

The luminous abstract paintings in my series, Creation Stories, are my love letters, in paint, to The Great Mystery. These pieces reflect my sense of awe and wonder toward natural creative and destructive forces, and how they, together, create such profound beauty, both here on Earth and in outer space. The visceral power and visual allure of lava flows, fire, water, and storms, and the stunning, radiant aftermath of exploded stars, as seen in Hubble images, are some of my inspirations.

These glossy, smooth, heavily layered abstractions are lovingly and painstakingly created over the course of two to eighteen months. This means I work on many pieces at once, giving each Creation Story the time and love it needs to become something unique and special. Each complex piece is built up over an average of ten to twenty layers of paint, each layer isolated from the next with a coat of clear medium. This creates a notable visual depth and richness of color. Every piece, once completed, has several pours of clear medium applied on top, for a luscious finish.