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A New Mexico native, I have been a professional artist all my life. I graduated from UNM with a degree in art and philosophy and started a career in woodwork, gaining a national reputation as a wood-turner. My love of painting and color led into a new medium and I started pastels and oils, becoming known for glowing colors, minimalist compositions, and my love of the landscape. In 2013 I attended a workshop on bookbinding and got hooked on paper and the myriad ways it manifests in our world. I currently am creating assemblages and hand-bound journals, exploring the combination of paint, paper, and wood.

Artist Statement

My work usually revolves around some aspect of nature. It evolves and moves and rotates, using different media, different perspectives. My current work is exploring transitions, the boat that transports from place to place, the cocoon that changes form, the journal that nurtures thoughts and dreams.

I work on a background built up of layers of paint and texture. The texture utilizes sand, ashes, coffee grounds, marble dust. I then build the ‘story’ using paper, fiber, found objects. I finally use a cold wax process to seal the entire piece. The cold wax uses beeswax as the main component creating a sense of age.

The stories vary, exploring symbols such as boats, books, scrolls. I am interested in finding a path through image that reaches across time and culture. Transitions, decay and regeneration are themes that occur regularly in this series.

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